used at various stages like mechanical dewatering, gravity setting, water clarification, dissolved air floatation, improved filtration aid and as coagulant aid.



Non-ionic and anionic flocculants are used during smelting of ores of zinc, copper, tungsten, etc. and in coal and other washeries for retention of fines.



Anionic high molecular weight food grade flocculants are used during juice clarification, thick syrup clarification and melted raw sugar clarification. Certain coagulants are also used for decolorization to produce white sugar.


Anionic polyacrylamide (PHPA) is used as drilling fluid for water shut up and for shale stabilization in primary oil rigs.. For secondary and tertiary oil rigs, polyacrylamide derivatives are used for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).



Municipal waste and sewage need sophisticated treatment before they are released to nature or reused. Cationic flocculants are used for mechanical dewatering, gravity setting, dissolved air floatation, improved filtration aid and thickening.



Flocculants and coagulants of potable grade are used for clarification, settling of mud and as a filtration aid to process water used for human consumption.



Cationics are used for retention of fines and to improve water drainage, while anionics are widely used as synthetic formation aid to create even sheet layer and to obtain softness.



Anionic flocculants are used to separate sludge from processing water so that the water can be reused. Coagulants are used to decolorize water contaminated with presence of excess dyes.


WE REPRESENT MT AquaPolymer Inc., THE LEADING PRODUCER OF FLOCCULANTS AND COaGULANTS IN Japan (earlier known as Mitsui Chemicals Aqua Polymer Inc.,) for the sales and distribution of THEIR Accofloc®, Aronfloc®, Accurac® and Accopearl® range of products to a multitude of industries (see left).

Grade Name Ionicitys Charge pH ranges M.W. Viscosity
Accofloc N 100 Nonion -0.7 2 to 10 16.5 million 130 cps
Accofloc A 110 F Anion -2.3 4 to 10 18.5 million 350 cps
Accofloc G 04 Anion -2.4 5 to 12 19.5 million 450 cps
Accofloc 403 BR Anion -3.5 5 to 12 22.2 million 600 cps
Aronfloc C 510 Cation 1 4 to 9 11 million 460 cps
Aronfloc C 510 F Cation 1 4 to 9 9 million 360 cps
Aronfloc C 4913 Cation 2.1 4 to 9 7.5 miilion 220 cps
Aronfloc C 4913F Cation 2.1 4 to 9 6 million 180 cps


Grade Name Ionicity Charge pH range Non volatile Viscosity
POLYAMINE C 50 Cation 6.4 3 to 12 49.40% 4700 cps
D 60 BR Cation Cation - - 3 to 12 45 -50% 45 cps

(accofloc® and aronfloc® are registered trademarks of mt aquapolymer inc.)

note: charge shown in meq/grams. mol. weight given in millions. viscosity data for flocculants shown in cps calculated based on 0.2% solution. more products are available besides the above.  click here to get full list.